Ocean Sprint: Nix under palm trees

Posted on 2022-11-30 with tags nix, ocean-sprint, sprint, hackathon, nixos

I’ve just attended my first sprint, that is a kind of long hackathon, in this case lasting 5 days and exclusively Nix themed.

I had the occasion to meet a variety of people with different attitudes to problems and different backgrounds, this last thing was really interesting for me since I think that in the last months I’ve lived inside a bubble made of exclusively Haskellers.

Some Nixers on the summit of a nearby volcano

Personally I’ve decided to devote most of my time on Nix internals since it’s something that could help with the creation of new “2nix” tools (in the last months I had many headaches due to tools like haskell.nix and their extensive use of IFDs). My colleague Márton and me also had a call with John Ericson which let to this PR.

I’ve also spent a day digging into Hydra trying to make it show the evaluation log during the evaluation itself and not only after that the evaluation terminated. In the end I wasn’t able to make it work (it was more difficult than I initially thought) but it was an useful experience and perhaps in the future I’ll continue these efforts.

Other people worked on different projects like making secure boot work on NixOS, on nixifing a live coding environment, on this really interesting project about making shell snippets in markdown testable, on nil (a really powerful LSP server for Nix written in Rust) or also noogle, a Hoogle like engine for Nix.